Co-creating 5D New Earth

Channeling divine guidance on our progressive journey 

to higher levels of existence

I have explored, experimented and connected to the energetic and spirit world for most of my life. I love energy, everything metaphysical and am in awe of this co-creating wonder we are privileged enough to experience in this momentous time. As we raise the collective consciousness via our own expansion and release of the old, that clearly didn't work out well. With love we instill the collective with new wisdom and expansion of consciousness to explore via the love, trust and collective we embody. Last year, I asked Source, 'how can I be of service?' that is when I connected with Conrad Star, a soul collective offering guidance for a pathway to 5D consciousness. The words flowed through me opening my consciousness to levels of existence and understand I dreamt of and hide from all at the same time! I began to channel Gaia, and as I ascended what flows is all part of the Eternal Collective consciously co-creating 5D New Earth and beyond. I see myself now as an Energy Restorer/ Healer, and Chanel living in the space of love envisioning the New Earth.

The Heart; our connection to All that is

Living in and from your heart; meaning bringing your awareness to your heart centre aligning you with your divine essence. This practise, over time, not only aligns you with love of self, as all that is not in alignment is awoken and rises to be witnessed, accepted and released, yet your connection to Source, the language of the multiverse and the conscious collective incarnate and beyond. As you raise your vibration, those who surround you will too as the ripple of new energy flows through you opening higher dimensional frequencies, connections, and knowledge that embraces the ethos of New Earth that is unity, love, harmony and exponential dimensional growth and expansion. Fundamentally it is finding the love of self again, and therefore all that is, as EVERYTHING comes from love and is in service of love no matter how it presents itself. It is our task to see everything as it is and release the perceptions that create the divide. With love, guidance & insights I offer you this pathway to the New Earth!


"Thank you for another phenomenal healing session. I'm deeply touched by the love and great wisdom that flows so naturally from you. You held a safe and reassuring space for me to connect to my deep inner knowing and align with my soul. In this sacred inner space I could clearly see and feel deep karmic patterns. The ritual setting helped me to face pain and hurt and initiated a process of forgiving and letting go. During all this time I felt in power and present and in complete alignment. A truly profound experience that felt so accurate, so right, so full of love and support. I am so very grateful for this session with you. Thank you for assisting a beautiful journey back to self love and my divine self".

Love, Andrea Ruscher, Zurich.

"Dear Billy, I just wish to express my sincere gratitude for your awesome healing ability. The change you have brought to my son has just been amazing. Going from being this teenager who had become angry & sad all the time & not really understanding why. To now going back to his usual happy & confident self has been an absolute blessing. I can’t thank you enough for bringing my son back to us". 

Gordana, Eltham, Australia.

"This testimonial is a small token of gratitude to Billy who has helped me with her wonderful healing work. She talks through my issues either in person or over the phone and then helps me clear the energy around them leaving me feeling much lighter and free".

 Joan Gardner, Rosebud, Australia.

Who I Came Here To Be

September 22, 2019
What may bring me here is something other than the usual conversation that I have been blessed with experiencing, until now. What I love about this life of infinite self-discovery is that nothing gets old just more and more brand new, of evolutionary self-discoveries of our infinite expansive selves...
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