Mental Health Naturally

It is through the darkness, the light is found.

It seems to me that without the dark there is no light, no contrast, no push or pull, toward something or away from something else. How do we move from a place of being if we are content where we are, with no desire for something new or improved nor difficult challenges faced to fuel a desire for change.

It is this aspect of mental illness, the darkness, that pushed me with utmost determination to find the solution to free myself of a life with bipolar disorder 1. To find the fundamental cause of the dis-ease in my life, in order to clear the foundations to create the change that I desired.

And that is exactly what I did, the fundamental cause is old experiences and events in my life that triggered emotional blocks and belief systems and concepts to form. Creating blocks that stopped the flow of love of self and instead I installed (unconsciously) new ways of being or living after the experience of traumatic events, that is swinging from high to low points, and managing just to get by.

As the years went by the depressive and manic episodes got worse and greatly effected my life. Over the two decades I researched and experienced many alternate modalities to find the solution and it wasn't until two years ago that I found it! That is, key techniques to find and restore the love of self through practicing methods of self awareness, feeling and moving through emotions and old concepts of self and life. With this knowledge of working with the divine energies of source, mother earth, your true self  and the laws of the universe, life becomes clearer as we ride through our experiences, feeling, learning and expanding, this is healing your life.


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