Beautiful Reminders

I believe we are reminded each day about why we are here, about change, about the new and the old, all different perceptions of the multiple aspects of life. All ultimately coming back to the love of self and how we can better love what we see, in and around us and what our perceptions of self and of love really are.

I came across a really beautiful lady two weeks ago, we connected around my book, we connected around the lack of understanding of what it is really like to suffer from mental illness and she restored my faith in what I had done (writing about me in a book!). She reminded me of my intention to write it in the first place. It's funny because when I read the book again for the first time since it's publication and starting on the next one, I noticed that I did write about my intention for the book in the book, that being, to reach people suffering from mental illness, and for their friends and families. I had just forgotten, in among "my oh my god what have I done" moments and forgetting that what I have done is from love and is love!

What was really magical was we shared how it all really is about love, even the hard stuff and that was beautiful, really beautiful and we shared a tear, understanding and we shared true connection in a space of love, so thank you Beautiful Lady sending you and your family love!


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