Releasing the old, always at the perfect time!

How relating to others is always with love, no matter what!

All in perfect time and all smoothly and harmoniously please…I ask, and as the waves of emotions and old concepts and perceptions of self and my world swirl around me, I remember, finally, to get back on the bridge and raise myself out of the murky heavy waters below that represent the old parts of self that do not serve the love of self and truth in me that I am looking for. I feel it all yes, I acknowledge and I accept where and why these past experiences occurred (not in great detail either, just the concept and opportunity of the truth) and how I played into them and what that taught me about what I believe to be true about me. And as the emotions shift, the lessons learnt, peace is found and a deeper sense of self and love.

You only go, at any given time, as deep as you are willing to go, to see in relation to how you wish to be playing or showing up in this life, with no right or wrong way of doing it either. For me I have been going deep since I was a teenager always questioning things in the space of time and consciousness and wondering why this is to be as it is playing out in this time and place. I see that in any given situation there are layers of truths and we see some or multiple layers in each moment, we see what we want to see and we feel what we feel and this keeps us safe, whether we like it or not, we have opportunities to learn from all situations whether it feels good or not. It comes down to how we look at it and how we choose to perceive the truths and if we are not ready at the time another opportunity will come, I ask for this to be down with ease and grace, thank you and I now learn my lessons through warm, joyous and prosperous experiences! And it is working!


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