Being ok with our Sensitivities

Being a sensitive person is like everything else sometimes hard and sometimes wonderful to be able to perceive things that others may not be alert to on many levels. Being understanding leads to being kind and considerate in ways that not so sensitive people aren’t. Being able to feel into situations and people and then being burnt and hurt because you are blamed for your sensitivities, for your feelings that others don’t quite see nor understand. It can be a hard cycle or loop to come to a way of finding peace and grace within being a sensitive soul. After years of being picked on for these old ways of being, the stories and experiences that arise, it is hard to remain in your centre and being at ease with who you are can be quite challenging. That is where sitting with your light and love in your perfect space of love and grace no matter what is happening around you is the perfect way to deflect that of other peoples ‘stuff’ and that is not yours to take on. Trust me I know it feels really hard at times to do and actually practice and so is riding a bike when you first learn or driving a car overtime it becomes second nature. That is living in your heart and being true to yourself, your light and your space of love. I wrote this to help me feel safer and more content with my sensitivities of the seen and unseen world and my emotional and confident self. And I found by the end I was writing it for others too. 

This powerful love energy, the energy of all that is, does dissolve the perceptions and the emotions that stem from those perceptions and it’s the learnings gained that creates massive shifts in our lives. The key is to stay centred in your love/heart and in your body too, being connected to the three energies of source, mother and self and remaining strong and true and in that place, there is nothing to reflect off. There is truly nothing anyone can say that will hurt you, that you don’t already know on some level, and as the reflection offered for them, seen or not seen is offered back with love, the option to see it or not can only be up to them to receive and react as they will. That goes for us all and being ok with that is being ok in the trust of the divine master plan of teaching and learnings and the interaction between all in life to expand in the experience of ourselves and therefore creation. Happy, masterful, consciously creating and blissful new year everyone, with love Billy.


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