Heading to the New Earth

The clarity comes when the illusions and attachments of these illusions fall away. The pain ceases when we remember who we truly are when we see everything through our eyes of our divine and our divine connection to the all that is. Practicing this every day, through seeing love in every moment, through being the true and expansive self and allow the judgments, the lower frequency emotions, and attachments to rise and fall as they will. Whilst still in this dimension still sifting through the layers of old we pass into a space of more truth, more clarity and more trust in self and the divine. Sometimes we need to steer away from the aspects of life that do not serve our greatest good and goals whilst sending love and compassion where needed remain focused on the light within and that surrounds. This movement is great and followed by many, trust we are ready and trust it is time. See, feel and release the beliefs and patterns of the outdated self, whilst remaining in love and light. This takes great trust and determination when things get rough, as no road is straight and smooth all the way. For now, there is no turning back no place to run and hide. Shall we ride these waves of stirring poetic love? The potential of this bridge is immense to the strange new yet deeply clear answer to our prayers and dreams for the new earth.


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