The Space between

Life isn’t all blue skies and sunshine as we all know as one travels further toward their true self-clearing out the heavy murky energy that covers your true essence, the aspects that form the clouds of our past stuck memories emotions and thinking. It is possible then to see the light to see the sometimes flickering light amongst the old trees. If we just focus all our attention on the light and love it will expand. Feel the feeling within put your focus there no matter what is happening. Trust the light will grow and from there receive the love straight back from the universe as what we feel and focus on comes back to us. 

At times it is hard when you look around and try to find the light within the trials, learnings and releasing of old. When in mediation or in connection to source the light and love in the earth and the divine or however you choose to do it focus on the space between watch it grow and expand feel the peace, warmth, and love fill and surround you. This is the light that cleanses our energies that fuels our very beings- embrace that if nothing else and allow your thoughts to clear. Feed the mind with new powerful thoughts within your being, feel it fill you with more love and light and simply be in the space of love; be in the space between.


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