Finding the light simply!

After years of searching, unearthing, giving up, losing faith and finding it again I have found that the more complex we see life, growth, and recovery the more complex it will be. To understand the ways of the universe, your soul, your light and what you desire, and your connection or lack of connection is all you really need. Acknowledge, accept, forgive and let it dissolve in the light that surrounds you and you allow to fill and cleanse your being every day.

It is a practice, continuously reminding yourself, accepting and forgiving yourself when you get off course. Perhaps having down times or when we feel a little more deeply or expressively than usual. It is all normal all perfect and all part of our experience here in our duality as we ride the ebb and flow at this time. Do not attach yourself to things nor people, nor detaching from your true selves nor others that did not please you. Just accepting, loving and trusting everything is for your greatest well-being. See the connections, the energy flow between you and those you meet, accept and allow it to move freely without holding on. Who you are is what you will see and experience in your life. Be love, be the pure divine light, acknowledge, allow and let go then expect something new and watch what is possible.

If we think quantity and depth we tend to get overwhelmed therefore my desire is to keep it simple. Even when something comes up again that you feel you have already resolve and healed yet there is another aspect unforgiven or not acknowledged. Breathe it in, give thanks for the opportunity sending the situation and/or people involved and yourself love and breathe it out. Keeping life and healing simple, always in and from a space of love, seeing everything as love and being at peace with your journey. The Universe wants you to succeed, just allow it to! Acknowledge your resistance and feel it let go as you let God.


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