Co-creating the 5th dimension

It is up to us to make the changes, to raise our vibration and increase the love in the collective consciousness on earth today. If you are not pleased with what you are experiencing or witnessing in life instead of complaining or pushing against it turn your awareness to the light of all there is and flow your loving divine energy into what you dream could be, what you desire life to be like. Imagine a land so beautiful, so serene, of great majestic natural beauty and possibilities beyond our awareness. Imagine this new earth here just beyond our awareness where all negative disappears, and instead resides pure, divine, loving light of the land and of all of it's inhabitants. From a meditation allow your mind to wonder,through a forest,along a river,up a mountain and look beyond the veil into the most beautiful landscape you can muster, allow your imagination to flow. Practise this daily and we will co-create the new earth!


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