The Return to Love

Seeing life as it was meant to be a series of events helping you reconnect to your divine self, to open, understand and expand your awareness of self and therefore existence here on earth.

Tell yourself a story and you will go off your path, listen to your heart and you will remember who you are and see life as it is right now for what it is a dream, to wake up from a reality, a new waiting to create, a new earthy realm akin to the universal energy, a united existence of love.

If you could have it any other way, this life how would it look for you, how would you be and feel, where would you live and what can you see?

Listen to your heart, follow your truth, open your wings and fly. Remember who we are and why we are here. Do you hear the call? Can you feel the movement, see the contrast of what we do not want and feel the pulsing, moving and vibrant energy of creation calling us to raise our frequency and fly to the New Earth?


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