The Connection of Heart with the center of the Universe

As I fell deeper into my divine self, through my heart space and out into the boundlessness of the Universal Energy, Source, the All that is, infinite potential, God, however you name it there are no words to encapsulate the All/to describe the essence of the All. I came to understand how our hearts are a reflection of the heart of the Universe, connected to the core of Source (mind blow!). As we embrace our hearts we resonate on higher frequencies and become more aligned with our divine selves and the Divine that is the essence of the Universe.

As we do this, we elevate ourselves, those around us and expand the collective consciousness. As more and more people do this we open to the new extensive aspects of our reality, new potential and new opportunities.

Just like everything in life to create change we must be the change we want to create, feel it, believe it, live as if it were true. And as we are still living in the third dimension, we still relate with time as we have perceived it to be thus far therefore, we must be patient, practise our visualisations, remain connected to our hearts operating from love and walk differently. As with all indigenous peoples of the earth they walk with Mother Earth it is time now to come back to our roots and walk with her, in our hearts, connected to her and the divine energy. Many walk not only disconnected from their true selves but those around them, where they live, how they live and what sustains them, the Mother of us all. We call that being asleep, and yet when we do sleep, we are more connected to the truth to other realms/ dimensions/abilities, your unconscious mind that knows the truth and the collective consciousness. Being awake generally speaking is being asleep and what is need it is to move beyond the norm, open the mind to the aspects of the New Earth, to your dreams, to your mystical desires and intrigue and see life as you have never known it to be. Out of the fantasy and sci-fi films and into our minds to create the new world, here.

It is the collective consciousness that is asleep and it is up to us as the beings on earth right now, to reawaken to the truth of existence. As one after another of the world’s population wake up the collective is remembering, we all have the power and need to make this change and open to the new possibilities.

Therefore, this spiritual awakening is the reawakening of the true essence, the All that is and our greatest potential and connection to the All. The movement or process of remembering who we are may be referred to as awakening, perhaps remembering, embracing, aligning to our divine self be more apt as the population is waking to the delusion of control, of being small of the need to have more, buy a house work 9 to 5 etc. But the word used need not be the matter, instead remembering who we are when we live from and in our hearts!

Shine your light as bright as you can!

With love, Billy


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