Adjusting to New Earth Frequencies

With the new frequencies flowing into the earth’s sphere we are letting go of the old outdated aspects we held onto, symptoms can be felt in the heart, as we are asked to deepen our connection to our divine self. You may be feeling light-headed or foggy, body aches, ears ringing, exhaustion or confusion, all is to be expected as we adjust to these new states of being. Life may seem a little surreal, or dreamlike. As for me, it is as if I have woken up feeling brand new yet a little disorientated. I see myself having each experience, I am in my body yet outside of it looking down on what I am doing, seeing, feeling and experiencing. I am the witness.

I sometimes feel ungrounded and yet so present, memories flitter through my awareness and I feel a little dazed and confused yet my eyes are bright, all sensors are heightened. Noises around me are sharper, yet I do not feel so irritated by them, I am accepting fully where I am in life. Life feels different, I feel different, lighter in a sense. Readjusting to the New Earth frequencies can be both challenging (the release) and blissful (welcoming the new).

Accepting this pathway, your current state of being, your process and how you see life as it is, both light and dark are part of the whole and most importantly simply apart of your current experience that will and is changing. Ever so slightly day by day we change and as we do what we are surrounded by what we vibrate with changes we resonate on new frequencies and our life becomes lighter, as we walk the path to the New Earth.

With love, Billy Flett


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