Old Souls, it's time

It is time we share our stories from within by turning inward to find an array of lifetimes filled with sadness joy triumph hate sorrow, misbehavior, and jubilance to find the ways of life beyond the levels of existence we have experienced thus far. Because of these experiences, we have created such an amazing world that we thought could never be possible, that is we as spirit form. Look back on what we have created see the triumphs and tribulations and be at peace within the turmoil of old as many are not yet ready for this path, we are the ones that will show them the way. Old souls we are the ones that have come this far, now ready to integrate the old and new ways of being and anchoring them into our physical realities and into Gaia.

As we become are united souls singing the same song we sung as Spirit, it is our time to shine as bright as we do beyond this physical form yet in this physical form. It is time to build bridges to make haste with pure love, acceptance of all Gia’s inhabitants for without this the turmoil will grow. In each moment we pave this new trajectory toward the New Earth and as we do each path is defined differently as more and more souls unite and awaken fully in body the ripple effect flows out and beyond Spirits expectations the timeline we take is unknown as the changes are swift and consistently changing the pathway before you as a whole. As old souls we know truly that others will shine in our light, opening and healing around us, at times there is nothing to do just be in presence and allow their Spirit and Spirit itself to do the work. 

Through sending the pure love we hold toward the young and old at heart for now we will make more progress than ever before, as the light here on Earth is brighter bolder and purer than it has ever been and is only building though the diligent practices and love of many incarnate souls past  & present, and beyond. As the waves of pure light continue to flow toward us. We are ready, they are ready too if they come your way and please be ready to build a light so bright it will make many more come joy this evolution of mankind. For without discrimination, levels of justice, hate and privilege we are all the same, we know we are and in doing so others will shine their light and drop their façades to see that life was never meant to be played to the tune of this song. For so long now we have been stuck beyond worlds and for so long this world is beyond me and many more. Please drop your luggage open your hearts release the shame blame and guilt and help each other rise in this momentous occasion. I love you all as we make our mark in a time beyond dimensions and onto the New Earth.

As now the pathway is clear the energy heightens daily as we shift independently, we shift collectively and ride the waves of the most profound evolution of souls in physical form ever!!

With love, Billy Flett


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