Who I Came Here To Be

What may bring me here is something other than the usual conversation that I have been blessed with experiencing, until now. What I love about this life of infinite self-discovery is that nothing gets old just more and more brand new, of evolutionary self-discoveries of our infinite expansive selves and potential. Now that is a mouth full if I was to say it as I write, I write with love from my true self in and surrounded by my space of love.

I was once lost in the delusion of the 3D matrix, like we all were/are to varying extents on route to cleanse ourselves of these illusions of a confined reality. It is with each step that I have discovered more about myself, mastering what was the last aspect of self, discovered after the releasing what no longer served this path, that I would always look forward to what was next. There is no stopping me and that is one aspect I love about myself, for once I have achieved something, I look to explore the next. I have learned and respected the advice from my guides to settle into each new expansive view, ability, and revelations and to celebrate, albeit quietly with Gaia as I walk with her and many in spirit from across these lands.

Leading up to the Lions Gate into the now so much has occurred for me that I have only been able to fully grasp and hold the frequency recently. Thrilled, bewildered and in awe of what is and will be a magnificent journey ahead. I began channeling the pathway to our 5D ascension and co-creation of New Earth over a year ago. Unbeknown to me what was happening around the globe nor what will pass was perfect because I had no outside influence on the teachings, I received from Conrad Star a soul collective. These teachings have helped me align with my true/divine self (higher self) and guide me through to where I find myself now.

I want to explain further that I was under the impression through my endeavors and exploration of metaphysics and alternate lives that I have walked these lands for so many lifetimes, that lead me to believe that I couldn’t have come from anywhere else. My love for this magnificent Earth of ours, dear Gaia and all her magnificence and diverse beauties, especially the trees, lead me to believe that I was of this land.

As we all have in varying extents live each life in varying lands, ranks and races to learn and experience existence, from every point of view, allowing us to obtain the wisdom, understanding, and grace of life on this majestic planet. So, I was thinking laterally not as a multidimensional being
living in a way beyond time and space here on a mission like so many others to aid in the awakening of truth guiding humanity out of the darkness and clouds of delusion we have all kept ourselves in at times throughout our lifetimes. Which brings me to my realisation due to the denial of the truth that lay dormant for years as I hide from it all in it's somewhat brutal, contrasting and
mind-blowing truth. Throughout all its myriad of teachings through folk, I met and enjoyed and not, if you get my drift, to the fact that I too am a Starseed. No bloody wonder I always wanted to help people, save the Earth, and realising it is humanity that needed the saving. Anyway, there you go I’m out and we are all here and have been here for lifetimes evolving healing growing and to find ourselves living in peace, now!

It is all linked on so many levels, never is there just one way of doing or being anything every one thing, experience encounter has so many levels of interwoven reasons and potentials, all waiting for you to perceive them, often lying dormant until the receiver is ready. You know I can help you to find the way to your united true and divine self and yet that time for me has passed too, I love reading energy, finding latent stories, lives and lost dreams awaiting revelation so too do I love helping people. It is just that the way to such affinities within yourself is through your discovery and understanding of them. This path is for all of us if and when you are ready and that is your decision and timing. My mission is to help you to see the potential waiting to be seen of a future we are destined to experience here with 5D Gaia and all those walking in 5D consciousness with us. I would ask you to join me if it wouldn’t be for your own free will and path that lays out before you. I know how wonderful it will be. What I do offer is insight and options to those ready and willing to walk this path here, now and into the future of our Golden Age of enlightenment to the all-pervasive truth of existence.


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