About Me

A little insight and information about who I have come to be.

I love to learn, experience and grow. I love adventure and staying home. I like trying out new things and yet do what I love to do, I am creative and passionate about nature and the vast magical beauty and depth of Gaia; our Mother Earth. I love and am intrigued by the metaphysical world, both the seen and unseen; spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. I love how energy flows and connects everything together and yet becomes stagnant and blocked when not looked after. Much like everything really.

I have always been in search of the why behind whatever did not make sense for me, looking for answers to questions I hadn’t worked out yet. And, in search for, and seeing the bigger picture of existence, creation and our future I found connections beyond the veils to a soul collective known as Conrad Star and Gaia. For it is Gaia who we are connected too, grateful for sustaining us and loving us (no matter what) and Gaia who we are on this journey with.

Growing up in suburban Melbourne, with experiences of early childhood trauma, I ended up not feeling the connection nor enjoying the way of life of the city. I went in search of a better life, in fact I went in search of me, to find myself. To discover new things, meet new people and learn more. Yet I always returned home, generally because I became depressed, my life had turned upside down and I needed help to get back on my feet again.

Finding the solution through finding my home inside my heart and living in a space of expansive love, as I call it has held me; filled me with more love and peace. In among the release and change and natural rhythm of the universe. The swing and exchange of emotions and states of being from positive to negative or lighter and lower energies. One thing remains and that is more love, peace, trust and a profound sense of connection, guidance and purpose. That something I desired and always knew was there yet never really felt it nor knew it to be possible. Tainted by my stories of my past that I still held onto; the pain, hurt, sadness, anger, shame and guilt, need I say more.

When I opened to the light, letting go of what I was holding onto that no longer served me, I began to change and so did my life. My patterns and stories that I once bought into gradually let go, whatever I find that is not in my best interest, I let that go too. As I continue my journey home, exploring 5D consciousness, 5D New Earth here and now, I play in guidance love and light as we co-create united as an eternal collective both incarnate and beyond. With gratitude for eternity. 


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