Energy Healing

Everything is made of energy, and every offering in life is an opportunity to learn something about yourself/others and existence. When healing any disharmony the underlying cause of the aliment needs addressing and when this is fully resolved healing occurs, only when the consciousness is ready will the healing be revealed. Using clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient using ways to discover and reveal what is needed to restore/resolve in order for healing to take place. With over twenty years of study and practise I work with the light of love of All there is, Gaia within the Eternal Collective both incarnate and beyond on path to co-creating New Earth.

One on one sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing/Readings & restoration sessions in person (Melbourne area) or online around the world. I also practice absent healings all @ $110 per hour (absent/distant sessions you receive a detailed email).  

Or 3 sessions for $300, 5 sessions for $500, or 10 sessions for $990.

My inspiration is to help guide others to live in and from their heart space, allowing the discovery and deepening of self love. This process opens you to naturally uncover old outdated aspects of self, in your perfect time, to acknowledge & dissolve as you learn from and release. 

Through connecting to Source, Gaia and your heart (that is the our connection to our divine true self and the multiverse) daily will guide you home to your truth. This practice and commitment to deepening the love of self allows for unimaginable healing and growth, albeit trying at times, the other side of release is ALWAYS that much brighter!

I offer energy readings for personal, animal and land restoration that will allow the channels of light and love to re-create harmony where there was disharmony. I work within the divine light, through sight, audio and kinesthetic ways, with light langage, movement, gestures, and codes through my writing and channeling as we walk this path co-creating New Earth.

Workshops/co-creations/visions of 5D New Earth

All ideas welcome in opening our conscious co-creation of 5D New Earth, living in our hearts and raising the vibration of the collective, with love and pure intent.

In person in Melbourne area and online.

Contact me on Instagram @cocreatingnewearth ph: +61421 312 464 or via email:


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